Maintenance and repairs

Equipment Maintenance and Repair
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Maintenance and Repair

  • Maintenance and Repair of Empty Intermodal Equipment
  • Maintenance and Repair of Mi-Jack Cranes
  • Maintenance and Repair of Buck Loader Ramps
  • Infrastructure maintenance and repair
  • Maintenance and repair, in general


All the contracts we conclude with our clients are designed to clarify what are the quality requirements that they demand from us.

To ensure the quality and compliance with such requirements, we design metrics, whose results objectively show our performance, in such a way that we timely correct any deviation against what was agreed with our client.


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We have experience in the design and construction of terminals, particularly intermodal and automotive, both in Mexico and in Central and South America; We also carry the Infrastructure Project Management “turnkey” through which we accompany our clients, step by step, from planning and design to the operation and execution of the project.

Maintenance and Repair Service