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TIM M+R S.A. de C.V.

Our mission

  • MissionOur Mission is to design, produce and deliver material handling services, finished product and information for transportation, industry and commerce, in a reliable and timely manner
  • VisionFor the year 2019, we have set out to be an organization made up of self-directed and self-managed teams, a leader in quality on an international scale, in the provision of integral services demanded by logistics distribution chains in general and to be recognized for the values we promote among our members, in the field of participation and development both human, intellectual, social and technological.
  • InfrastructureWe have experience in the design and construction of terminals, particularly intermodal and automotive, both in Mexico and in Central and South America; We also carry the Infrastructure Project Management “turnkey” through which we accompany our clients, step by step, from planning and design to the operation and execution of the project.

About us

In 1991, Terminales Mexicanas de Carga was founded with a group of investors, starting operations in Pantaco, subsequently partnering with In-Terminal Services to start Terminales Intermodales Mexicanas TIM.

Our business is to offer raw material and finished product management services, as well as information services for transportation, industry and commerce.

Operations and Proyects

1991 – 2002

Terminal Intermodal Pantaco

1993 – 1998

Terminal Intermodal Monterrey

1994 – 2014

Terminal Intermodal Ramos Arizpe

1995 – 2001

1995 – 2001

1995-present day

1995 – 1996

2000 – 2002

2000 – 2002

2000 – 2000

2000 – 2001

2001 – 2001

1995 – 2001

april 2002

Terminal Automotriz La Encantada

Logística y clasificación de carros en La Encantada

Terminal Intermodal La Encantada

Terminal Intermodal Chihuahua (SOR)

Terminal Intermodal Chihuahua (FXE)

Terminal Intermodal Ciudad Juárez

Terminal Intermodal y Automotriz Mérida

Centro de Distribución Mérida

Terminal Intermodal Monterrey (IMEX)

Terminal Automotriz La Encantada

Terminal Intermodal Torreón (IMEX)

More than

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container loading and unloading maneuvers per year

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